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Moving to a new house with all your stuff is not a good option. This is the best time to filter out all your old scraps, broken furniture and other items of no use. With electronic items, the dumping is quite easy but with other household items; it needs some planning and smart decisions.

What things to discard when shifting homes


Coming to furniture, leave all the furnishings that cannot be repaired, and the broken chairs and tables. This is the time when you can fulfill your yearlong wish for replacing your old furniture. There can be an old study table which is of no use now as your child has grown up or a bed that is too old fashioned for the interiors of your new home. Leave them all or donate to someone in need. Always consider the space available in your new place and according to that decide what to leave as some of the furniture items might be small or big for the new place or will not suit the interiors. There can be old side tables and chairs with broken legs, drawers that do not shut or with broken knobs, no need to carry them with you to your new place as you will want to decorate the place with some new ideas.

Clothes and sheets:

Leave and dump all those clothes that are years old and do not fit your children any more. Filter out your entire wardrobe and separate out all those dresses that you have not worn for years or do not like to wear anymore. Use all torn out sarees as dusters or covers for blankets. And if it's not possible, throw them all for an entire new collection of sarees. Same with the pillow covers, either you can use them for covering silverware or if they cannot serve the purpose, dump them as well. Also not forget to leave all the torn and worn out rugs and carpets, as they will be of no use at your new place but will be quite heavy for packing and transporting.

Books, toys and CDs:

No need to stack old torn books, magazines that once you promised to read and all the old story books your children don't read now. Donate the useful books to some NGO and throw rest of them. It's the right time to put down that entire carton of toys once bought for kids. Separate all the broken toys, teddies with missing eyes and other items like dolls with broken parts. Donate all the toys that are in good condition if your children are too grown up for them and for rest of them, just one solution, dump them all as there is no point in staking them all at your new place also. In the time of digital music, who keeps records, tapes and CDs for an extra space in the drawers? So store all your favorite music in your laptop and hard disks and throw all the tapes and CDs. But not forget to keep that favorite mix tape gifted by your best friend as a sign of memory.

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